Welcome to our Data Dashboard, a data visualization tool that brings data to life! It includes Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics information while also displaying long-term trends, comparisons, cost of living, educational attainment by post-secondary institution and degree/certificates, 30-day job hiring trends and more. As the Lead Economic Development Organization (LEDO) in St. Joseph County--which includes South Bend, Mishawaka, Notre Dame and New Carlisle--we work with partners on both the business and workforce/talent development sides. As a region with cost of living below the U.S. average, affordable and abundant workforce, and proximity to the Chicago and Detroit markets, we are well-positioned to continue our established growth in population and employment.

NOTE: For your best user experience when viewing the Data Dashboard, we suggest you either keep your cursor within the data and scroll manually or simply place your cursor on the scroll bar within the dashboard (not the website scroll bar). If you have any questions, please contact Director of Economic Development Alyson Herzig at 574.400.4048.